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Key deadlines:

  • 12 June 2018: concept notes for Environment & Resource Efficiency
  • 14 June 2018: concept notes for Nature & Biodiversity
  • 05 September 2018: concept notes for Integrated Projects
  • 12 September 2018: full proposals for Climate Action
  • October 2018 : notification for applicants, shortlisted applicants invited to submit full proposal
  • End of January 2019 : deadline to submit full proposal
  • 14 March 2019: full proposals for Integrated Projects

Checklists & guidelines

Applicants for funds will notably score higher if they address thematic priorities such as removing water pollutants through natural retention areas, developing better ways of sorting and recycling plastics, or measures backing the EU Emissions Trading System. The full list of thematic priorities is available in our Guidelines for Applicants for LIFE Environment and Resource Efficiency and Climate Action.

Overall, the LIFE programme is also interested in promoting projects whose results are sustainable, transferable and clearly offer EU added value. Our assessment criteria are listed in the evaluation guide contained in LIFE’s application packs for Traditional and Integrated Projects.

Among other criteria, we assess the technical coherence and quality of projects on the basis of how likely results are to outlast our funding. Dissemination activities should go beyond simply raising awareness of project results, replicating them ideally in broader contexts. Projects should also demonstrate a quantifiable environmental impact.

For further details, make sure to read our 2018 Guidelines for Applicants to Traditional and Integrated Project, contact your national contact point,